To display a product without steeling space from the store


The store chain Clas Ohlson wanted a customized solution with a Freestand with a 40 “wide format display from NEC to show up and get customers to test the Kärcher windows clean in the stores. SMS has developed a Tailored Freestand, to present a message about a product in a digital screen while presenting physical products on a shelf under the monitor. The customer is encouraged and offered the opportunity to try the product directly in the shop.

The screen is prepared with leafengine sensor technology and Smartsign software in the integrated computer – the Slot-in PC located on the back of the screen. Two sensors are installed – one sensor senses if someone gets closer than one meter to the screen and the other one, a light-sensor, senses when the product is lifted from the shelf at the stand.

The purpose of the installation is to engage the customer and get the customer to try the product and to increase the sale of goods. Marcus Bodin, Nordic Sales Manager for SMS says that “the main objective is to get the customer to pay attention to the product and to make it possible for the customer to interact with the product without stealing space in the store.”
Diana Plahn, Lead Engineer Tailored SMS, who designed the construction says “it is an advantage that it is possible to pick a product off the shelf itself. It is important not to lose the customer’s interest and desire to buy.”