5 Creative Ways To Use Digital Signage


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There are of course the basic uses of digital signage, where screens are used in place of traditional printed advertising like billboards, posters, brochures etc. Whilst all that is great, we at SMS find that the most captivating and engaging displays are those that are really well thought out. Creativity is hard to come by sometimes, so we thought we’d give you a few ideas to help get you on your merry way to boosting sales and driving foot traffic with some serious digital eye candy. Here’s 5 creative ways to use digital signage.

5 creative ways to use digital signage; sms smart media solutions interactive displays

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Why stick to boring printed logo’s when you can really make a feature out of them. Totally customisable frames like our Tailored range mean that we can work around almost any aesthetic. Use your mini screens to show off your latest collection or even your current offers. We use your brand and guidelines and work super closely with your team to design some spectacular displays. Our talented engineers are used to a challenge and always come up trumps!

5 creative ways to use digital signage; sms instore retail signage digital teminal displays

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No need for big bulky catalogues anymore. We’ve made it super easy for your in-store customers to find a needle in a hay stack, at the touch of a screen. No more missed sales opportunities! The best part is that you can easily incorporate these digital catalogues (or terminals as you may call them) in to the store design. Such a great way to make the customer journey as smooth and hassle free as possible. Let’s not forget the need for less staff!

5 creative ways to use digital signage; window bespoke digital signage dipslay

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Use your window space to do more than just inform. Interactive digital signage provides a whole new level of pull factor that your average photography campaign doesn’t. It’s all about the creativity and finding a way to incorporate eye-catching, interactive aspects seamlessly within a static display. Passers by will remember your window and may even take a peek inside to see what else is on offer.

5 creative ways to use digital signage; bespoke digital virtual fitting room display

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Virtual fitting is on the rise and offers so many advantages. It’s a great tool and one that will change how we shop for the better. No need to worry if you don’t have time to try on those jeans, just scan the tag and use the virtual assistant to see what looks good. The great thing about this tool is that you can also use software to recommend matching products and order them through to the checkout ready for when the shopper is finished browsing.

5 creative ways to use digital signage; celing digital display round screen sign

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Slightly more on the adventurous side but such a great way to showcase the fact that digital signage is amazingly, adaptable. Nothing is impossible and using a designer that can think out of the box is a great way to completely change the atmosphere of any space. This type of display is great for large campaigns and seasonal displays.


The overall point is that anything can be achieved. Digital signage has completely changed the display advertising landscape and it’s now something that’s almost expected by consumers when they walk in to a retail environment. They want to see more than just what’s on the shelves and now we have the capability to show multiple images, adverts and influence buyer behaviour all directly within the retail environment.

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