5 Inventions You Never Knew Were Swedish


Sweden may be a remote country based in the heart of Scandinavia, best known for Vikings and a certain Swedish furniture chain, but the relatively small population of just under 10 million residents certainly are creative. We at SMS are of course proud to be counted amongst the innovative Swedes and are flying the flag for Sweden after celebrating our National Day recently. We thought we’d point out 5 inventions you didn’t know were Swedish so you can join in with the Swedish appreciation too!

1. Coca Cola Bottle

World famous and highly popular, Coca Cola has definitely made it’s own stamp on the world. But, did you know that there the iconic glass bottle is actually a Swedish creation?

Designed by Swedish engineer and inventor Alexander Samuelsson in 1915 for the then relatively small US brand. The design has pretty much retained it’s original form but has moved with the times adjusting it’s labelling and branching out in to plastic versions too. We think that’s a pretty big deal!

2. Celsius Temperatue Scale

It’s pretty obvious from the name, but Anders Celsius was in fact Swedish. In 1742 he came up with a proposal to use a new scale when measuring temperature. The measurement was then named after him and to this date is used all around the world excepting four countries which use the Fahrenheit scale.

3. Ultrasound Scan

Where would we be without this huge advancement in medical technology. The Ultrasound scan is an invention that has impacted almost every adult on the planet in some way, either during pregnancy or through detection of illness and disease. It’s a medical discovery tool that has helped to save lives worldwide a million times over.

Swedish cardiologist Inge Elder came up with the idea in 1953, just after surgically correcting heart defects became a reality. He quickly enlisted the help of physicist Hellmuth Hertz and together using pre-existing ultrasound technology, they came up with the Ultrasound body scan….total genius if you ask us!

4. Dynamite

In 1860, Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel created the first, safely manageable explosive that proved stronger than all other explosives that were then available, including gunpowder. He patented the design and it became accepted worldwide as the most powerful, safe form of explosive.

Not wanting to profit from the sale of weapons, Alfred then set up the Nobel foundation in 1985 and when he died, left all of his money and estate to set up the Nobel prize which has become a well regarded honour to receive today across many categories of science and philanthropy.

5. The Humble Coffee Pot Holder

A little known fact is that this wooden coffee pot holder is the origin behind SMS. That’s right, our first ever invention was this household essential. After the huge success of this invention, the founder of SMS moved on to bigger and better things….and as they say, the rest is history!

So, there you have it, just a few from a pond of many. Swedes have been innovators going all the way back to the long boats.

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Installment on boat
Installment on boat

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