4 Ways Digital Signage Can Be Used in Retail


5 Ways Digital Signage Can Be Used in Retail

Sometimes change is good…It’s important for businesses to move with the times and the beauty of changing your traditional paper marketing materials to digital, is that you practically eliminate the cost for reproducing signage. This also saves the time involved in re-merchandising when a new product is launched, when prices change or each time you run a new campaign. Retail involves finding ways to influence your shoppers and convince them to make a purchase. It’s not always that easy, so you really need to spell it out for them and make sure that your suggestions don’t fall on deaf ears. Just to give you a few ideas (maybe you’ve seen them before or maybe you’ll learn something new) we’ve come up with 4 ways digital signage can be used in retail.

  1. Window displays….Save the hassle of putting up and taking down your printed window material and switch to a digital display. You can easily update and edit content to show your latest campaigns and offers straight from your computer or via USB.
  2. Interactive shopping….Touch screen solutions are becoming more and more popular in retail environments. They often take the stress out of shopping and also leave your sales assistants free to serve at the till or refill stock etc. Shoppers can now search stock, get matching item recommendations and browse all available items in a specific category, at the touch of a button.
  3. Self-service checkout….This is a recent trend that’s proving really popular and saving staff a lot of time usually spent at the checkout. Originally rolled out in supermarkets, other retailers are quickly following suit and realising the potential cost savings. Customisable casings and features mean that you can pretty much design your self-service checkout to look however you want, whilst keep your brand image in tact.
  4. Changing rooms….Use digital displays in changing rooms to solve a whole range of problems. With touch screen solutions you can allow the shopper to switch between mirror and menu screen easily. Use functions such as ordering another size to your cubicle and seeing other suggested items. There could even be an option to post to social media. The capabilities are endless.


Not only will your displays be more eye catching, you will also find that the evolving shopper will find the ease and speed of your service a very appealing factor in their decision making about which shops to visit.

As long as your integration is spot on, then digital signage can really be incorporated in to many different aspects of retail marketing. Having the option to customise your signage is what SMS is all about and we really love working closely with you to make sure your branding shines through in everything we do. No idea is too big, or too small for that matter!


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