Fitted for Finland


It seemed like a typical case at first, but when a large Business Park in Finland asked for 38 special fitted casings for elevator screens in 8 different buildings, a certain fire ignited within Samuli Yrttimaa, project manager at Ictum Oy, to make this a great delivery. They brought in SMS as a supplier of casings for the screens. We met up with him to get the full story about the job that finished early this year.

Samuli Yrttimaa

The client needed lean casings

A large Business Park called GATE8 wanted to put screens instead of billboards in their office park, and in their elevators. Samuli wanted to know if he could get casing that would fit the elevator space.

“I needed information what was possible and what wasn’t”, Samuli explains. “I just had to know if I could use SMS products for this project because we had a competitor that approached the client with a promise of delivering 4 centimer deep casings. SMS’s initial offer was around 8 centimeters – so it had to be customized”.

Saving money in daily operations


GATE8 had advertising and lunch menus in all of their elevators. Being an office complex, this adds up when it comes to maintenance. They had to switch out all of the information weekly putting this extra pressure on the restaurant staff in particular.  

Also, every time a tenant leaves or enter the Business Park they had to call their advertising agency for new billboards and get people to put it up. Obviously, this costs money. A screen solution enables them to do everything from a laptop.bus

“There is always a concern with screens in elevators though, Samuli tells. They are in heavy use and the freight companies pose a risk of breaking the technology with heavy shipments. The answer was a sturdy but elegant casing around each screen.”

Elevator casing

Smooth sailing to the finish

In under five months SMS delivered samples, sample casings and the final delivery of elevator screen casings and other freestand casings for public information. SMS did came back with a suggestion of a thinner casing, just like the client asked for. 

“It was great. We even got a color job that really matched the shade found in the elevators”, Samuli says when he describes how SMS performed as a partner.

A local connection helps a lot

Samuli highlights the importance of communication in big projects.
“It really helps when there is possibility to talk straight with the manufacturer. If they have a local contact there to talk to you, like in this case, you avoid that feeling of boundaries. Quickly you get this effective back and forth going.”