How To Make Your Very Own Cinema Room!


How To Make Your Very Own Cinema Room! - sms digital screen solutions

It’s the dream….forget gazing under the stars from your nicely decked patio, or taking a dip in your indoor pool. We’ve got the lowdown on how to make your very own cinema room!

Yes, you read correctly. A home cinema room has now become one of the most wanted features in many homes across the globe. If you ever thought your very own cinema was out of reach, think again! It used to be that this was something reserved for only the very wealthy. Now with technology taking over the world, it’s highly feasible to achieve a home cinema in your very own living room. With your average teenager spending hundreds on video games each year, we thought it was about time that parents got in on the digital action too.

It’s not just about the movie though, because spending family time together has actually been scientifically proven to enhance things such as communication between family members, stronger family bonds and can even result in children being less likely to have behavioural problems in school. There’s definitely method to this madness!

So what does it take to turn your lounge or spare room in to the coziest home cinema in town? We at SMS have come up with this straight forward guide to get you up and running in no time….


The Home Cinema Checklist

  1. Pick up an old fashioned popcorn maker from your local supermarket or toy store, they’re ridiculously cheap nowadays!
  2. Grab a couple of poufee style footstalls, easily found on most marketplace websites
  3. Contact your local SMS dealer and install the SMS Multi Display Wall Ace, easily compatible with most 46-60” TV screens. 4 screens + brackets would be the perfect size for any at home cinema. Your engineer will use a “Daisychain” software that synchronises all the screens, playing the content across the display at the same time.
  4. The sound system built in to current television screens is second to none, so no need to add surround sound. Unless you really want it that is, again it’s pretty affordable and easy to get hold of.
  5. Don’t forget the movie, make sure you pick a good one!


So what will it be, an 80’s classic, the latest Rom Com, or is fright night more your scene? Maybe you will just enjoy watching all your favourite shows on the big screen, either way you’ll be changing your home movie experience forever.

There you have it, a straight forward, inexpensive way to enjoy your favourite films at home and turn any ordinary Saturday night in to an extra ordinary trip to the movies… your PJ’s that is!

Read more from the SMS blog here. Don’t forget you can always contact us if you’re unsure of where to buy from or need a little advice.

SMS Multi Display Wall ACE

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