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Smart Media Solutions is a leading global supplier of monitor stands, wall mounts and customized screen solutions for digital signage. The key concepts for our products are flexibility, design, and reliability.

Our digital signage solutions are a perfect fit for a variety of industries, from advertising and retail to offices, conferences, hotels and restaurants, media and the education sector. No matter the industry, the products give our customers the chance to let their screens blend in or stand out, or to customize them for just about any environment.

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What is digital signage?

Digital signage means disseminating information via digital screens. In the restaurant world, it could be digital menus, in the advertising industry, it could be digital or interactive billboards, and in the conference world, simple information boards.

Digital signage does not just refer to the screens’ content and purpose. A key aspect of digital signage is how they integrate with the environment, which happens to be SMS Smart Media Solutions’ specialty. We are constantly working to design our stands, wall mounts and screen solutions to optimize them for the purpose, no matter what that purpose may be. To help us do this, we have different product categories that allow the customer to customize their screen solution to get a screen that blends in, stands out, or highlights the brand it represents.

The grocery store Hemköp inspires customers through digital signage

Hemköp was looking to strengthen their relationship with customers by inspiring a passion for food and promoting relevant offers in their stores. Smart Media Solutions created a complete digital signage solution, with everything from large video walls to screen encapsulations, and screens attached to walls and pillars.

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