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SMS Leddy

When style meets flexibility

SMS Leddy is a flexible product that can easily adapt to new configurations and all-in-one LED display solutions. This pre-configured mounting solution will be designed to fit different LED brands. To begin with, SMS Leddy is compatible with LG and Leyard Planar LED solutions – more to follow.

The Scandinavian design brings to mind an elegant piece of furniture, rather than a regular mount or floor stand. It is easy to integrate the product with the surrounding environment. The SMS Leddy is extensively pre-mounted for easy and quick installation, and it is ADA compliant.

• Easy, safe, and quick installation
• Leddy will be designed according to your LED model, requirement, and size
• Compatible with LG and Leyard Planar LED solutions to start with, more models to follow
• Ingenious mounting system
• Attractive, integrating perfectly with the environment
• Storage for cables and peripherals
• Lightweight and elegant, yet robust design
• Different choices of wooden Trim to blend in or stand out
• The possibility to get a customized Trim in any standard NCS color.

View our different colors and configurations

Our Tailored Solutions make it possible to design a unique configuration. We design according to your requirements from size & environment to any special requests you may have.
Contact your sales representative, or e-mail us at
The product is manufactured to order.

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