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SMS Multi Control Single

A masterpiece.

Get even more out of the SMS Multi Control by way of a mounting device with the help of which you can install another screen above the centre screen of your single-row module. Fits all single-row modules. Finish: Aluminium/white.

Fits the following articles:
MM051001-P0 SMS Multi Control Dual Clamp
MM051002-P0 SMS Multi Control Triple Clamp
MM051003-P0 SMS Multi Control Quad Clamp
MM051006-P0 SMS Multi Control Dual Boom
MM051007-P0 SMS Multi Control Triple Boom
MM051008-P0 SMS Multi Control Quad Boom
N.B.: Check that there is room above for your additional screen.

Max 15 kg
Max 33 lbs

  • 200x100
  • 100x100
  • 75x75

VESA 200x100

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