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SMS Presence Wall Manual

Simple and discrete height adjustment – on the wall.

A stable and adjustable wall bracket available in two versions – Heavy and Light. The well-balanced solution uses springs instead of counterweights. This not only makes the bracket easier to handle, it also saves weight. The SMS Presence Wall Manual Light has a single row of springs, while the SMS Presence Wall Manual Heavy has a double row, suitable for use with very heavy displays. The design is very discrete and the complete bracket, except for the handle, is fully hidden when large displays are mounted. If the display is smaller than the bracket, it can easily be covered with the SMS Presence Wall Manual Cover, for an attractive and integral impression. The bracket is delivered pre-assembled to a large extent, which makes installation quick and easy. The handle allows you to easily select the position you want, and fix the display there. The bracket is patent pending and the ingenious locking mechanism ensures that the display is held in exactly the right position, providing easy access for all users.

  • Maximum load Heavy version: 115kg
  • Maxumum load Light version: 45kg
  • Finish: Anthracite grey.

Please note that article no PR081002, Light version, is discontinued. 



Max 115 kg
Max 254 lbs

  • 800x600
  • 800x400
  • 800x300
  • 800x200
  • 600x600
  • 600x400
  • 600x300
  • 600x200
  • 400x400
  • 400x300
  • 400x200
  • 400x100
  • 300x300
  • 300x200
  • 300x100

VESA 800x600


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Please note that our product is the actual stand, mount or casing. Any media device or accessory shown in the picture is not included in the product.

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