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SMS Presence Wall/Floor Motorized

Smooth and stylish access for everyone

Now updated to carry displays up to 150kg and with an option to choose display holder for VESA up to 800x400 or 1200x600.

Do you need to mount a large and heavy display or touch sensitive display on a regular wall? With a quick, easy and stylish installation too?

SMS Presence Wall/Floor Motorized makes it all possible, a perfect support in the lobby area or conference room.

  • A smart design that shifts the weight to the floor.
  • The stand itself uses very little floor space and is perfect in small spaces where a bracket with legs are in the way.
  • Everyone can reach thanks to the soft motorized height adjustment. Extensively factory-mounted for easy installation.


Max 150 kg
Max 331 lbs

  • 1200x600
  • 1100x600
  • 1000x600
  • 900x600
  • 900x400
  • 900x300
  • 900x200
  • 800x600
  • 800x400
  • 800x300
  • 800x200
  • 600x200
  • 600x400
  • 600x300
  • 600x600
  • 400x400
  • 400x300
  • 400x200
  • 400x100
  • 300x300
  • 300x200
  • 300x100
  • 200x200
  • 200x100

VESA 1200x600



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Please note that our product is the actual stand, mount or casing. Any media device or accessory shown in the picture is not included in the product.

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