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SMS Presence Mobile Motorized XL

Elegant stability for the largest displays.

This is the XL version of our unique design product that completely hides cables and peripherals inside. Attractive and elegant from all sides, thus able
to be placed in the centre of the room. Perfect for large, heavy and touch sensitive displays, such as Microsoft Surface Hub 84”, due to the very stable, patented design.
The motorised height adjustment is soft and quiet, readily available from a button at the side of the unit.
Motorized height adjustment works for most markets (both 110 and 230V) and allows you to work ergonomically.
The display can be locked with the accompanying locking screw for personal safety, or with a padlock (not included) which provides increased protection from theft.
The pre-factory assembly means that installation is easy and quick, while the hidden cable chain inside the product ensures that the cables run freely with no risk of fastening.
The design of the SMS Presence is, furthermore, protected.

Maximum display weight: 150 kg. Finish: Aluminium/Anthracite grey.


Max 150 kg
Max 331 lbs

  • 1200x600
  • 1100x600
  • 1000x600
  • 900x600
  • 900x400
  • 900x300
  • 900x200
  • 800x600
  • 800x400
  • 800x300
  • 800x200
  • 600x200
  • 600x400
  • 600x300
  • 600x600
  • 400x400
  • 400x300
  • 400x200
  • 400x100
  • 300x300
  • 300x200
  • 300x100
  • 200x200
  • 200x100

VESA 1200x600




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