Tailored – tailored to your needs

We created the product category Tailored when we realized there was a need on the market for fully customized solutions. Products that can be customized to the environment, target audience, brand and message.

Thanks to well-established working procedures, we have succeeded in making the process both time and cost-efficient. In other words, by working with our engineers and designers, you can get exactly the solution you need – when you need it.

Our work process in five steps

  1. The client (such as a purchaser, marketing manager, dealer, or distributor) contacts us with an inquiry. It could be about finding the right solution to suit a certain environment or perhaps a smart framework for your campaign.
  2. We create a schedule and budget for the project.
  3. The creative process begins. You work with our engineers and we develop initial concept sketches. This way, you get an idea of what the installation will look like in its intended environment.
  4. Our design team takes over. We keep you posted during the process.

As soon as you have approved the concept sketches and you have placed the order with us, production time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Concept sketches

Some examples of concept sketches we have developed according to our Tailored offerings.


A013752_lindex_store Watermark


a012880_plywood front in shelf Watermark

Granit Butik Watermark

Granit Hyllsystem Watermark


A014839 entré watermark

References / customer cases

Read more about how have created Tailored solutions for our customers, by clicking on the images below.